Max Mosing handing over presidency of IT IP Law Group Europe


GEISTWERT’s Max Mosing was President of the IT IP Law Group Europe ( for the last two years. Now – at the fall meeting of the Group in Warsaw – he handed over the presidency to Mr John Warchus, the representativ of the UK member. However, Max remains – together with the new President Elect Mrs. Maria Lindegård Eiderholm – part of the Troika managing the Group.

The IT IP Law Group Europe was established in 1989 and is a network of independent law firms that has members in countries across Europe. The pan-European network, the first and largest of its kind, gives the benefits of:

  • speedy access to specialist IT and IP lawyers across Europe
  • a network with demonstrable experience of team work on pan-European assignments, projects and litigation
  • extensive experience of providing IT and IP legal services within Europe to local and overseas companies and other law firms
  • a cost effective approach to obtaining expert advice on IP and IT legal issues within Europe

The IT IP Law Group Europe established an expert plattform on the EU General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR-expert, a unique tool to get to know the new EU Regulation on personal data. For each provision of the Regulation, the plattform shows you:

  • the corresponding provision in the (former) Directive
  • the corresponding provision in the country you have selected
  • a short analysis on “Where do we come from?”
  • a short analysis on “Where are we heading to?”
  • a short analysis on the problems one may expect.
  • As an option, for each provision, you may also display/hide the recital(s) and the draft Regulation.
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