unartificialart by wien.info

GEISTWERT is proud to have been able to support the Vienna Tourist Board in this exciting project as well:


These days people just can’t get enough of cat content. And AI tools like DALL-E and Midjourney now enable users to insert these four-legged online favorites into just about any setting imaginable, in a matter of seconds. But where exactly does AI get its creativity from (ignoring for a minute the off-the-wall trigger texts that some users submit)?

AI mines vast repositories of existing artworks for data before replicating their substance and style. So, you could say it was era-defining artists like Klimt (a huge cat fan, by the way) and Schiele that made AI artworks possible in the first place. So even after death, they are able to teach artificial intelligence a thing or two.

See the art behind AI art

There are more than 100 museums for you to discover in Vienna. While cats are (regrettably) not allowed in, you can still see the original works behind the AI in their unique real-world settings. Cast your eye over every last detail of Gustav Klimt’s Kiss at the Belvedere Palace, step back and take in Egon Schiele’s Chinese lanterns at the Leopold Museum, and schedule a pitstop at a Viennese coffeehouse in between.

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