No copyright protection for the taste of a food product

By Rainer Schultes | November 19th, 2018 |

‘Heksenkaas’ is a spreadable dip with cream cheese and fresh herbs, which was created in 2007 by a Dutch retailer of vegetables and fresh produce. The intellectual property rights in that product were transferred by the retailer to the current rightholder, Levola, a company governed by Dutch law.

Since January […]

GEISTWERT and Commentaries on the EU Trade Mark Regulation (EUTMR) and Community Design Regulation (CDR), 2nd edition

By Max W. Mosing | November 12th, 2018 |

Good news for the IP community: Gordian Hasselblatt’s  (Editor) two commentaries will be published by Beck – Hart – Nomos in its 2nd edition next week!

GEISTWERT’s Max Mosing is author of chapters in both Article-by-Article commentaries in the English language to the

European Union Trade Mark Regulation; and
Community Design Regulation (EC) […]

XBorder 18: 9 November 2019, from 12:00 onwards in the „Museumsquartier“ (“Museum’s Quarter“) together with the DACH-Associations and shö

October 23rd, 2018 |

At the „XBorder 18“ event organized by GEISTWERT with a view to „Cross-Border Mail-Order Business in Practice and Law”, the associations from Germany, Switzerland and Austria present the scene’s current trends. Furthermore,’s management present their platform and the legal experts from MLL – Meyerlustenberger Lachenal (Switzerland),  SSW Schneider Schiffer […]

Patent litigation of GEISTWERT in the media

By Rainer Schultes | October 14th, 2018 |

Patent litigations rarely attract the interest of the media, but it happens.

Renowned Bloomberg News report: Glock battles Sig Sauer 


Save the Date: 9.Nov.18 – “XBorder 18” and GEISTWERT-Birthday Party

September 12th, 2018 |

When Swiss, Germans and Austrians discuss legal aspects of cross-border online sales, the specialists from  MLL – Meyerlustenberger Lachenal (Switzerland), SSW Schneider Schiffer Weihermüller (Germany), and GEISTWERT (Austria), cannot be far away. Since the “XBorder” event dealing with with cross-border e-commerce law took place for the 9th time in Zurich already […]

GEISTWERT’s Austrian Part for GDPR- EXPERT.COM is updated

By Max W. Mosing, Juliane Messner | September 7th, 2018 |

GEISTWERT provided the Austrian input for  GDPR-EXPERT.COM (Link), a unique and mighty tool to analyze the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The database is provided by the IT IP Law Group Europe (Link). For each provision of the GDPR, we will show you :

the corresponding provision in the […]

Constantin Kletzer talked about Liability of Internet Intermediaries at the ECTA Annual Conference in Athens.

By Constantin Kletzer | June 18th, 2018 |

Constantin is a member of the Internet Committee of ECTA, the European Community Trademark Association. In this capacity he joined a panel on “Hot Topics in Anti-Counterfeiting, Goods in Transit and Contributory Infringement”. The session was moderated by Olivier Vrins, Altius, Belgium. His co-speaker Luigi Sansone, Salomone Sansone, Malta, […]

The administrator of a fan page on Facebook is jointly responsible with Facebook

By Juliane Messner, Max W. Mosing | June 13th, 2018 |

The data protection authority may act both against the administrator and against Facebook subsidiary

The German Wirtschaftsakademie Schleswig-Holstein offers educational services inter alia by means of a fan page hosted on Facebook.

Administrators of fan pages, such as Wirtschaftsakademie, can obtain anonymous statistical data on visitors to the fan pages via […]

Red Sole Rules

By Rainer Schultes | June 12th, 2018 |

Louboutin shoes for women are known for their outer sole being always red. Louboutin registered that trade mark for ‘footwear’ and described it as consisting ‘of the colour red (Pantone 18 1663TP) applied to the sole of a shoe as shown (the contour of the shoe is not part […]

The Austrian magazine’s TREND Ranking 2018 is out!

April 27th, 2018 |

We are proud and honored to be included in this year’s TREND Ranking as follows:

“GEISTWERT, the young Vienna law firm is one of the winners of this year’s trend-rankings.”

“The GEISTWERT-mobile is unstoppable. Juliane Messner, Alexander Schnider, and Constantin Kletzer (second row), Max Mosing as well as Rainer Schultes have […]