In the spirit of appreciation

Italy doesn’t just stand for a language which we speak and a country in which we are entitled to represent our clients. Rather, it also stands for a refined culture, mindfulness, cooperativeness and openness. It stands for the quality of our espresso, which we will personally make for you when we have the pleasure of welcoming you to our office. Last but not least, it stands for a relaxing of traditional formalities: we are serious and structured in our actions, but that doesn’t mean we need to wear a strict button down shirt and an important tie, even if we are armed with those accessories. You can call us directly, and are free to talk to us about anything and everything directly. We serve our clients, are their conversational partners, and accompany them on the road to their success.

Capable and Professional at the “interface”

The quality of our legal services in the field of intellectual property doesn’t just depend on our legal qualifications. Rather, our success stems just as much from our deep understanding of the working world, the industry, the technology, and the cultural context of intellectual values. Along with its competence in IP matters, the team at GEISTWERT has special competences in the areas of technology, art and internet. At the interface of law and reality, we are specialists among specialists.

The list of services we offer is long; their order is that of the typical life cycle of a company. Funding, founding, contracting are at the beginning – at this stage your main contact partner is Juliane Messner. This is followed by the common IP-core areas of prosecution, litigation and contract law.

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