Legal support and Compliance

Full-Service-Consulting for Italian companies

General Terms and Conditions

Validity of general terms and conditions, admissible clauses, battle of forms are questions which we will happily answer for you. Of course we can also draw up tailor-made terms and conditions for your business.


Information Technology is an interdisciplinary material. Software contract law, domain law, company law, e-commerce, trade law protection, employee protection, information and communication technology in the workplace, employment law, data protection law, e-government, e-justice, trade law/professional law, telecommunication law, tax law, criminal law and internet governance are the mandatory issues for each company today. We can build a bridge between these two worlds for you.

Data Protection

Everyone has the right to confidentiality of their personal data. Is this always the case? Which measures are necessary for the collection, storing, processing, and transmission of sensitive and non-sensitive data? Are there company privileges? What must be notified? Data Protection law is central to company compliance. We can give you comprehensive advice, and set up your data protection policy.

Pharmaceutical and Food Law – Regulatory, Compliance; Administrative Law

Food or medicine, medicine or food supplements, dietary products or medicine? Depending on how your product is classified, different rules may apply. Advertising may be lawful or not, permits may be necessary, or maybe just a CE-marking. Even the company organisation must be adapted to the manufacture and distribution of different products.

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