Litigation and the Avoidance thereof

Nullity Proceedings / Opposition proceedings

Your trademark or design conflicts with earlier ones? We can handle your nullity proceedings.

 Your trademark is in conflict with a prior trademark registration? We can represent you in the opposition proceedings.

Clearing of Advertising campaigns

Your product is the best? It’s either allowed or prohibited to say that. We examine your advertising ideas for their lawfulness.

Act against Unfair Practices (Competition Law)

Your competitor’s ads are misleading or he is breaking laws. He’s admonishing your customers for no reason and disparaging your company. Competition law is your tool to prevent this.

Legal enforcement of all intellectual property rights (patents, trademarks, industrial designs, utility models, protection certificates, semiconductor property rights, copyright laws, etc.)

proceedings and the right strategy are indispensable requirements. We have special experience in patent infringement proceedings and in the pharmaceutical industry.

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