IT and Telecommunications Law

From preparing IT projects to specific questions on IT law and pursuing claims based on failed IT projects: This is IT Law. Telecommunications Law (also known as “TK Law” in Austria) encompasses, eg, regulatory questions, contract law and the secrecy of telecommunication.

IT Law is the short version of Information-Technology Law that is also known as “computer law”,  “EDP law”, “information law”, “multi-media law” and “software law”.

IT Law is an interdisciplinary filed involving several different regulations that are applicable to information-technology related cases. In many cases, industrial and intellectual property rights, copyrights, media laws and labour laws are concerned. Commonly, administrative regulations, corporate laws, banking and finance regulations as well as the laws on cyber crimes equally apply.

Telecommunications Law (also known as “TK Law” in Austria) means the field of law providing a framework for all kinds of electronic communication. In Austria, TK Law is predominatly characterized by the liberalization of the telecoms market (regulation and deregulation) and users’ rights (such as the users’ right to the secrecy of their communications). In contrast to media law, TK Law (generally) governs the transmission of information via communication networks without taking into account the nature and content of the transmitted pieces of information.



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