trend.LAW recognizes GEISTWERT-Blog


The Austrian trend.LAW magazine appreciated the GEISTWERT blog in its July issue as follows:

Reduction: The coherent center at Geistwert is the blog, which has been consistently maintained in three languages for eight years and mostly comments on landmark decisions. The thousand contributions already represent an impressive archive that is also used by external experts. The five IP specialists are also present on Facebook and LinkedIn in small doses. From time to time, there is humor, and that causes a stir, such as the James Bond shoot (Christmas greetings 2021) or the video in which an Italian van is maneuvered into the law firm.

In addition to the main reasons mentioned, there are also other occasions that lead to media projects. At Geistwert, a law firm specializing in intellectual property, the blog was once created “for the fun of it,” as partner Rainer Schultes says. When the initial idea of publishing a legal journal was discarded as too costly, a blog came into play and has remained until today. “The blog is part of our DNA and is also a kind of memory aid and archive for us,” says Schultes. Landmark decisions are summarized and commented on there. Even if nothing is printed here, the effort is not to be underestimated. “Each post is also translated into Italian and English and individually adapted to the markets, so we actually have three blogs,” says Schultes. Over eight years, around a thousand posts were created in this way. The Geistwert partners don’t care about the reach from the bottom of their hearts. “We don’t collect any data on it. Authenticity is important to us. The living out comes here before the purpose. No client has certainly come to us via the blog yet.” But the Geistwert partners are particularly pleased with one piece of feedback: When a renowned legal brand like Kluwer asks for contributions, it strokes the journalistic ego.

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