Whilst we certainly cannot compare our firm founded in 2014 to the James Bond franchise that has always set the bar higher and higher with every movie for 59 years now, we certainly can pay our respect to this icon and wish you a very Happy Christmas Season and lots of success for 2022 and the years to come, and similarly to the previous years, we would like to do so with the result of our firm’s annual Christmas Season photoshoot that meanwhile has organically grown into one of our main team building events.

We, the five founding partners of GEISTWERT, are (in alphabetical order):

Constantin Kletzer: a master strategist like Ernst Stavro Blofeld (as seen in “Spectre”) – whether Constantin has any plans for world domination, however, is still somewhat unclear to us;

Juliane Messner: the woman with the midas touch – in contrast to Tilly Masterson (as seen in “Goldfinger”), however, very much alive and kicking;

Max Mosing: delivering clear-cut arguments in style like Oddjob (as seen in “Goldfinger”);

Alexander “Sascha” Schnider: a man with many talents and improvision skills like James Bond (as seen in No Time to Die); and

Rainer Schultes: lives and breathes patent language like “The teeth bite through the rubber and lock the pipes in place, leaving none of the teeth exposed when the coupling is installed”, so Jaws (as seen in “Moonraker”) seemed to be a perfect fit.

(c) 2021 Gute Macher Prod. –

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