Wir freuen uns von WTR1000 als GOLD geranked worden zu sein.

Das renommierte Fachmagazin World Trademark Review 1000 hat für 2019 die Rangliste der „Weltweit Führenden Markenanwälte“ herausgegeben.

GEISTWERT wird dort in der höchsten Kategorie GOLD gelistet – mit nur drei anderen Kanzleien:

WRT 1000 beschreibt GEISTWERT:

“Compact yet first-class boutique GEISTWERT “stands out from the Austrian legal crowd”. It acts as a think tank, sharing infinite knowledge “to deftly guide clients through choppy legal waters”. Alexander Schnider, Max Mosing, Constantin Kletzer, Rainer Schultes and Juliane Messner form a constellation of stars. “An IP all-rounder, Alexander is clever and gives fruitful advice that shows companies how to use their brands to achieve business goals. He is a trademark wizard with some of the best legal knowledge in Austria. When presented with a complex case he drills down on critical issues with ease.” Colleague Mosing is applauded by patrons for his “quick and flexible responses, his clued-in counsel is clear and crisp”. Mosing and Kletzer represent one of the largest global gambling companies, Novomatic, in a majority of its international trademark cases along with developing the brand’s strategy. “Constantin is a familiar face in the courtroom. He is exceptionally bright, but ultimately practical. Unlike a lot of Austrian lawyers, he is less formal and easy to approach.” Kletzer recently conducted a major seizure on behalf of Christian Louboutin, eliminating 2,000 copycat goods from the market. Another contentious hot-shot, “Rainer is a fierce opponent. However, he is always open to serious and reasonable negotiations.” “Juliane is all about solutions; while others are talking problems, she has already resolved the issue. She understands the importance of constructing commercially savvy strategies, thus her advice is given with consideration for economic and business factors. When it comes to transactions Juliane is quick to analyse and determine the core IP aspects and she is efficient in settling matters. Juliane is a formidable and intuitive team-player who knows when to jump in or stand down.”

Wir sind sehr stolz auf diese Beurteilung und möchten bei dieser Gelegenheit unseren Klienten und Kollegen wärmstens danken, nicht nur für diese Beurteilungen, aber auch für die Zusammenarbeit in den letzten Jahren. Wir sind sehr froh in einem derartig spannenden Umfeld mit so vielen interessanten Mandanten zu arbeiten.


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