DerStandard IP-Blog: „Artificial Intelligence meets Copyright“


Artificial intelligence and neurochips will bring the next technology revolution. This will finally call intellectual property into question. In “DerStandard-Recht-Blog: Geistiges Eigentum in Bild und Wort” illustrator Daniel Jokesch and GEISTWERT partner Max Mosing discuss artificial intelligence (AI) and the law surrounding intellectual property – in short, the wide range of legal issues surrounding the “KIismus(R)/ AIism(R)”: [Link zum “DerStandard-Recht-Blog: Geistiges Eigentum in Bild und Wort”] (in German)

AI and IP?

What does it mean for intellectual property law when Strong AI becomes a reality and creates something that is granted Intellectual Property (IP) rights upon human performance? Will Strong AI then go from being a mere tool of the programmer or operator to being the creator/ author of its own IP rights?” Read more in German: [Link zum “DerStandard-Recht-Blog: Geistiges Eigentum in Bild und Wort”]

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