GASTEINER as geographic indication not trademarkable

ecolex 2023/204

Late disclosure of balance sheets violates Unfair Competition Law

DerStandard, 16.01.2024, 18

Burden of proof in the case of trade mark exhaustion in a selective distribution system

ad OGH 4 Ob 52/23k, Parfümware

in GRUR-Prax 2024, 9

Copyright Law

Systematic commentary on the Austrian Copyright Act, 3rd edition (editors: Handig/Hofmarcher/Kucsko)

chapters §§ 91 to 93, criminal law

Publishing house Manz

Platform for lawyers – in case of .law

re OGH 4Ob77/23m

In GRURPrax 20/2023, 613


Unfair imitation and protection of a well-known trade mark against exploitation of reputation

re OGH 4Ob55/23a – Jägermeister

in GRURPrax 20/2023, 597


Enforcement of Decisions of the Unified Patent Court

Austrian Chapter, editors: Christof Augenstein and Johanna Flythström

Wolters Kluwer, Co-author with Rainer Beetz

The green view

Chemiereport 2023.5

Intellectual Property on the Surface

Chemiereport 2023.4

Chances of the new laws on pharmaceuticals?

Chemiereport 2023.3

The Unified Patent Court is coming

Chemiereport 2023.2

Artificial Intelligence an inventor?

Chemiereport 2023.1

The illuminated overall impression

comment on Austrian Supreme Court 20. 12. 2022, 4Ob193/22v

in ÖBl 2023/134

The exploratory nature of the IP claim for rendering of accounts – comment on OGH 4Ob97/22a

MarkenR Nr. 11-12 2022, p 475

Carl Heymanns Verlag

The Copyright of Artificial Intelligence

Chemiereport 2022.8

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