iam patent 1000, 2020

Nimble, aggressive and energetic, GEISTWERT brings the heat in Austrian patent litigation and cuts a dash at the deal negotiating table too. The partners in this outstandingly collaborative group link up well and play off each other’s strengths to carry the day in critical disputes. A team formed by Constantin Kletzer, Rainer Schultes and Alexander Schnider, for example, recently prevailed for TeleTan in a widely reported infringement claim against one of Austria’s largest banks, which had used TeleTan’s online banking authentication process on its own platform. Kletzer “works fast, thoroughly and effectively, with an intense focus on solutions. With him, you’re in the best of hands.” Schultes is hailed as an “extremely smart lawyer with excellent technical knowledge”; while Schnider is an authority on software and internet law. While these assured litigators all know how to cut a deal, the firm’s top transactional specialists are Max Mosing and Juliane Messner. Coming in for particular praise, Messner has a “deep understanding of business issues” and “only sees solutions, not problems”.

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