The Unitary Patent is coming, really!

Chemiereport 2022.7

Cease and desist letters for Cookies and Google Fonts

Chemiereport 2022.6

High Definition, Standard Definition and Copyright

Kluwer Copyright Blog (16.11.2022)

International Comparative Legal Guide – Patents 2023

Austrian contribution to International Comparative Legal Guide – Patents 2023

Austrian Data Protection Authority (öDSB): Data transfer by implementation of Google Analytics

ZD – Zeitschrift für Datenschutz 2022/9

ÖDSB: Einsatz von Google Analytics auf der Basis von Standarddatenschutzklauseln unzulässig

ZD – Zeitschrift für Datenschutz 2022/4

Deception by Omission?

Chemiereport 2022.5

Liability trap for managing directors

Chemiereport 2022.4

“Green IT” & Law

Chemiereport 2022.3

Austrian data protection authority bans US Internet services – the end of the Internet?

Chemiereport 2022.1

International research projects put to the test in terms of data protection law

Chemiereport 2021.8

Be Careful When Acquiring Trade Marks With An Indication Of Tradition Such As “Since 1875”!

EU Marks – A Quarter Of A Century

Austrian data protection authority: Use of Google Analytics on the basis of standard data protection clauses illegal

ZD – Zeitschrift für Datenschutz 4/2022

Spamming, Cold Calling and Cookies Reloaded!

Chemiereport 2021.7

The world is a virtual village

Chemiereport 2021.5

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