Vienna Tourist Board: “United Cities of Tourism – Casevideo 2022”


GEISTWERT è orgoglioso di aver prestato la propria consulenza per questa ulteriore e notevole azione dell’Ente per il Turismo di Vienna:

United Cities of Tourism I Casevideo 2022 [Link to Video and more info on YouTube]:

Intercultural exchange between major European cities has been badly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. With the initative “United Cities of Tourism” the Vienna Tourist Board wanted to send out a signal by lending its support to other cities in Europe, together with official partners and . The unusual initiative turned residents of Vienna into tourists for other European cities. After all, solidarity between Europeans needs to extend beyond national borders, especially in times like these. In May and June 2022, we sent one resident of Vienna to a city in Europe for every 100 people who travelled to the Austrian capital. Barcelona, Berlin, London, Milan, Paris, Zurich and lots of other major cities were on the list of destinations for more than 2,000 Viennese to visit. At its heart, the campaign is all about promoting intercultural exchange as well as celebrating and revitalizing city tourism. Launched by Vienna, several major European cities joined the initiative: visitBerlin, yesMilano, Paris je t’aime, Visit London and visitBarcelona. Making United Cities of Tourism a truly European movement. Every city promoted another city – as part of an instragram swap.


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