Geistwert [gaıst:wert] /Intellect value (noun) Compound word in German consisting of ‘Geist’ (intellect, intellectuality) and ‘Wert’ (value, property):

1.) Synonym and neologism referring to intellectual property and intangible rights in the broadest sense.

2.) Trademark of a Vienna-based law firm and competence center specialized in intellectual property and information technology (with attorneys Constantin Kletzer, Juliane Messner, Max W. Mosing, Alexander Schnider and Rainer Schultes).

3.) geistwert (adjective): this word ( -> of intellectual value) is used by the eponymous firm to refer to the appreciation of innovations, ideas, designs, intellectual feats, esprit, team spirit, precise thinking, clever solutions, and also ingenuity (in the sense of the English word ‘wit’ which also alludes to humor).