GEISTWERT: Gold Tier in „iam 1000 – The World’s Leading Patent Professionals 2015“

Nur knapp 9 Monate nach unserer Gründung wurde GEISTWERT aus dem Stand wie folgt in das Gold Tier des „iam 1000 – The World’s Leading Patent Professionals 2015„-Rankings aufgenommen:

Newly minted tech boutique Geistwert draws on the experience of its five star lawyers to provide a unique offering which blends the different methodologies and specialisms of their former firms to superb effect. With extensive expertise at the vanguard of IT, pharmaceutical and internet law, the gilt-edged quintet can also provide the right answers to questions surrounding data protection.

Formerly head of the Austrian IP and IT group at Baker & McKenzie, Alexander Schnider has a laser focus on clients’ long-term financial interests; the highly regarded digital native is a preferred choice for emerging and established software companies.

Covering the life sciences is the inimitable Rainer Schultes. The former Taylor Wessing enwc man is a staunch defender of clients’ rights in the courtroom and deploys his ancillary expertise in designs to ensure that technological innovations receive cast-iron protection.

Previously of Fiebinger Polak Leon & Partner, the perceptive, pragmatic Constantin Kletzer takes a creative approach to both licensing and litigation.

Rounding out the team is Austrian-Italian partner Juliane Messner, who specialises in helping start-ups to build a solid corporate structure and monetise their intangible assets.

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