International Symposium on GDPR on March 24 &

During the Spring Meeting, GEISTWERT has hosted the “International Symposium on National Issues of Implementing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)” in the NOVOMATIC Forum and nearly 80 participants attended upon their corresponding personal invitations. Data protection officers and legal heads of, inter alia, IBM, A1 Telekom, Kapsch CarrierCom, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Novartis, Google, Erste Group, Austrian Airlines, FFG, Shire, ELGA, the Industrialists Association, the Federal Datacenter, G.L. Pharma, Roche Austria, ICC Austria, Reckitt Benckiser, Novomatic, Accenture, Palfinger Marine, cargo-partner, KIA Austria, BMW Group and the Federal Chancellery were on the list of participants.

The political intent behind the GDPR, which will become effective in May 2018, was to harmonize the privacy laws across the entire EU. The GDPR, however, also provides for more than 60 so-called “opening clauses”, which enable the national legislators to step in with their own national legal provisions on the one hand, but naturally also lets the “bubble” of such harmonization foreseeably burst on the other hand. Consequently, the Member States’ national laws will still have to be complied with together with the directly applicable EU General Data Protection Regulation. For this very reason, focused during the symposium on the national issues arising out of the GDPR’s national implementations in the Member States. And the highly interested audience enjoyed a great roadmap leading from the EU Data Protection Directive to the EU General Data Protection Regulation and the different national approaches towards its implementation.

Additionally, the Austrian Data Protection Authority (ADPA) discussed their future responsibilities. Furthermore, sba-research presented the technical backgrounds and the possible organizational measures to be taken for implementing GDPR-projects. has created an online database GDPR-EXPERT.COM (Link), a mighty tool for analysing the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The database enables users to compare the EU regulation with the different national laws (work in progress :-)).

In detail, the agenda of the Symposium was as follows:

  • Welcome by NOVOMATIC and by and presentation on GDPR-EXPERT.COM (Link)
  • EU: From Data Protection Directive to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – Thierry LEONARD and Etienne WERY
  • SIGNATU, the GDPR-tools, Georg KROG
  • Tasks and Powers of the Supervisory Authority under the GDPR, Matthias WILDPANNER-GUGATSCHKA, Austrian Data Protection Authority
  • UK, John WARCHUS
  • Serbia, Stefan BOJOVIC
  • Norway, Kristin HARAM FØRDE
  • Netherlands, Menno HEERMA VAN VOSS
  • Denmark, Kim G. HANSEN
  • Poland, Rafał ROSZKOWSKI
  • Czechia, Martin ŠVORČÍK
  • Italy, Alberto SAVI
  • Switzerland, Lukas BÜHLMANN
  • Austria, Max MOSING
  • Technical Background and Organisational Measures Implementing the GDPR, Philipp REISINGER
  • France, Etienne WERY
  • Belgium, Thierry LEONARD
  • Romania, Delia BELCIU
  • Turkey, Ceylin BEYLI
  • Germany, Maria-Urania DOVAS

Thanks to all the speakers and all the participants – it was just great!

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